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Transfer of puppy

We have transferred our puppy only for the family which invites them as a member of family.

Our dog house talk about transfer of puppy with just person who understand and agree following things.

Please let me ask you some question first.

*Golden retriever is really take time to care compared to other kinds of dogs,
It is OK for you?
*Golden retriever needs higner medical expenses compared to other dogs. It is OK for you?
*Golden retriever is initially a hunting dog, therefore you need suitable exercise like going for a walk every day. It is OK for you?
*Golden retriever is like a spoiled child , sometimes annoyingly like a stoker.
It is OK for you?
*Their hair falls out all over the year.It is OK for you?
*Golden retriever is always happy through the night and day. It is OK for you?
*They must change your lifestyle dramatically. It is OK for you?
*They must occupy your mind greatly during their 7-15years life. It is OK for you?

*We can not transfer puppy with in 60days for any reason.
*We can not transfer if we imagine the treat like a toy of child if you have child.
*Transfer puppy would be dealt with for profit but they are not merchandise. We would like to interview with you and your family in advance.
We do not have the thought to send puppy like parcel.
*As a way of transfer, we do not ship by forwarding agent.
*In case of transfer, generally coming and getting to us directly OR direct delivery to your home by us is the basis.
*To observe each GR line blood and keep sound for the future, we can not agree on breeding by non-planning people who does not have knowledge of breeding except private breeding.
*We would not transfer our puppy for people who is negative about gonadectomy and sterilization


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