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About Us  

My mother was diagnosed Alzheimer at the age of 60 years old.

We tried everyhing we could think of, for example, good doctor,new medicine, supplement, exercises appliance, fasting, hot spring etc…

In the situation , we heard it is very effective we keep a dog and take care of it.

Immediately I decided keeping a puppy of golden retriever for my mom and make her

be with my mom.(The name of the dog was NON)

However, my mom started repeat an attack becasuse she was subject to asthma-an asthmatic.

That’s why, NON was away from my mom and came to a DINKS couple.

NON’s life suddenly totally changed.

She started of the day by walking in the dark before day break and after that,

house sitting alone for all the day. At the evening , she went for a short walk.

The days must have been really boring for her, but she used to wag her tail with joy until it seems like it breaks and jump to me behaving like a spoiled child.

Anytime she used to be looking forward to wait our coming back from work and look our happy faces.

I realized she was someone I couldn't be without.

ZUCCHAN FAMILY is a dog house which felt drawn to attraction of NON who became a member of our family unexpectedly.

We are totally attacted by Golden retriever and love them, crazy about them.

We would like to share the joy of having them with friends who love Golden Retriever.

It is so appreciated if we can relate each other like family through our dog.