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Zucchan Family’s Stance as the kennel   

We hope our dog keep smiling and healthy because they are precious our family.

They must be healthy and sound, elegant and full of dignity.

In addition to them, We hope they keep beautiful figure.

Dogs ancestor is wolfs.

Human beings create dogs in wolfs and has been inherited them because they are attracted by dogs.

We think dog house has the responsibility for that we understand right history of dog and the standard of pure blood and protect dog’s descendant by raising puppy with sound mind and body as a top priority for improvement of dog quality.

Parents dogs must have sound mind and beautiful figure, and pure blood.

We think professional Dog house must select parent dog with severe eyes and clinical observation.

We must have the strong belief that we select great blood to inherit for future generation and cut off the blood not to inherit.

And We think we parents dog house must have the responsibility for puppy’s future and life.

We make puppy receive third party’s objective examination avoid self-satisfied judgement that own dog is the best and pefect the most.

As a result of that, our selected puppy is healthy and sound and beautiful for the most of people.

We think try to get the champion title in the dog show and examine hip and elbow joint in American OFA(*1) is the evidence of objective judge that the dog has the conspicuous level in the quality of parent golden retriever.

We feel very sad that most of the breeder always think about money.

They count their income by the number of puppy to be born, they look puppy money.

Sometimes make just 40days old puppy alone in the pet shop apart from their family.

It is very sad thing.

We do hope our puppy would be happy.

We have the obligation that parent dog house lead the puppy happiness.

We ZUCCHAN FAMILY is always serious and faithful for raising sound and lovely Golden retriever because we really love them.

We, leading ZUCCHAN ,are the sound and happy dog house which raise ‘’ really shining Golden retriever’’