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Golden retriever, priceless existence for me


He(She) is another one who doubles smiles of the living room,

He (She) is the member of a family giving an ease for pleasure of home life,

He (She) is cheerful and tender , sometimes mischievous and such a baby who follows me around wherever I go.

The Golden retriever, he (she) is not a pet but a member of our family for sure.

I can not help loving them.

They eat your tiredness on behalf of you and give you power when you are tired and come home. They wag their tail and express joy together with you when you feel happy and enjoy.

They share your sorrowful feeling, when you are sad.

They always observe us with greatly calm presence and big wet eyes, and we can understand each other without words and more than words.

It must be them, the golden retriever. There is no substitute but them.

They are tender and only a big signigicant figure which other kinds of dogs can not bring out.